Fjell FRS Wastewater Treatment Systems

Well working solutions adapted to your specific customer needs!

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Fjell FRS Wastewater Treatment Systems

Land-based fish farming and closed- & semi-closed fish farming cages in sea is an expanding industry. With more fish farms of this type being established, wastewater management becomes an increasing concern.

These fish farms must clean their wastewater before letting it go out into the recipient. The origin of the organic material in the wastewater is faeces and fish feed residues.

Correspondingly, the new Bat-AEL (Best Available Technology associated emission levels) requirements from the EU regarding emissions from fish slaughterhouses and fish processing plants give stricter emission permits. BAT-AEL requirements will also apply to fishmeal and fish oil facilities from 2027.

Fjell has the technology for both thickening, dewatering, and drying of wastewater from these various production facilities.

Aquaculture wastewater treated with coagulants and polymer

Wastewater treatment systems adapted to your specific needs!

Fjell Technology Group has various high-quality wastewater treatment solutions adapted to the customer's needs regarding:

  • Finance: Capex & Opex
  • Capacity requirements
  • Energy consumption
  • Environmental profile
  • Area available
  • Capture rate

Check out our Fjell FRS High Capacity Separation system & Fjell FRS High Capture Separation system and unique range of Fjell FRS Sludge Drying Systems below.

BT-Orcas Band thickeners

What will the future bring from Fjell?

Fjell has for years developed and evaluated out different technologies to broaden our range of solutions to meet every customer need.

Together with SINTEF and NTNU we are working on an innovative technology that hopefully will become a new value chain for dried sludge. If we succeed with this project, it will finally make dried sludge from aquaculture become a valuable resource.

Fjell Technology Group has also patent applied a new concept for energy optimization of sludge dryer plants with potential of saving above 40% energy compared to standard set ups.

These are just some of our ongoing projects. It is an integrated part of the company's backbone to always look for new innovative solutions and process optimizations that can improve the everyday life of our customers and help the industry play an even stronger part in the circular economy.


Fjell scientist investigating fish oil and fishmeal quality