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Title and picture of powder polymer

Fjell Tech agenda issue nr. 1 2023

What are polymers for use in wastewater treatment?

Purification of water consists of 2 basic functions; 1) Drag the waterborne pollutants out of the water 2) Concentrate/extract the contaminants to reduce the disposal volume.

For both of these functions, the use of polymer is critically important. Without polymer, the world would very quickly drown in its own water-borne waste.

Sotenäs Symbioscentrum value chains

Fjell Tech agenda issue nr.2 2023

Industrial and Social symbiosis in Sotenäs

Sotenäs Symbioscentrum is a meeting place for companies, academia, schools and the public sector. Our goal is to bring people together to create innovation, entrepreneurship, education and employment. At Sotenäs Symbioscentrum, we work with industrial and social symbiosis, our contribution to a circular economy.

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