Fjell Meat Rendering Solutions

Energy efficent - High Performance - Long-lasting durability

Meat Rendering Plant

Fjell Technology Group has several decades of experience, knowledge, and acquired expertise as a supplier of complete fishmeal and fish oil processing plants. Together with the customer, we can also define and design well-functioning rendering facilities for residual raw material from the meat industry.

We can deliver:

  • Grinders
  • Fjell Screw Cookers
  • Twin Screw Presses
  • Separation equipment (Decanters, tricanters, separators, and oil polishers)
  • Fjell Turbo Disc Dryers - with unique patented design for performance and low energy consumption.
  • Evaporation systems (MVR, Waste heat, Forced Flash evaporators)
  • Coolers
  • Meal mills
  • Storage systems for oil and meat and bone meal.
Chicken byproducts


Fjell Technology Group has patented several process designs that can achieve up to 40% energy saving compared to conventional meat rendering plants.

As always the Fjell Turbo disc dryer with its patented unique design is the corner stone of all Fjell meat rendering plants. The Fjell Turbo disc dryer has not experienced steam leakages since it first was introduced more than two decades ago.

The Fjell screw cookers and evaporators will together with the highest quality process equipment from collaboration partners make up the energy efficient, robust and long-lasting process plant. 

Stop wasting energy

Want to use our test facilities?

Through Design Thinking - FTG make the best effort in drying residuals in order to keep the most of the nutrition intact. In some cases we use vacuum to lower temperature in the process, mantaining protein or nitrogen and other valuable substances for further use.