Fjell drying solutions for Brewer's spent grain & Distillers grain

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Brewer's spent grain (draff) and Distillers grain

Both beer breweries and distilleries use grain as a source of carbohydrates to be fermented when beer or e.g. whiskey is to be made. When the starch has been extracted from the grain and converted into sugars, the used grain becomes a residual product.

Wet used grain from distilleries and breweries has a short shelf life, 2-5 days. The microbial activity will depend on temperature. However, the used grain can be dried up to less than 10% water content.

Dried spent grain will have a relatively long shelf life, and is rich in both fiber and protein, and can therefore be an ingredient in many new value chains. Used grain from distilleries and breweries can be used for fertilizer production, in human food, for livestock, biogas production and much more.

The best way to these second value chains is through a Fjell Turbo Disc drying facility.

FJELL Turbo Disc dryer is the energy efficient way to dry your brewer's spent grain and distillers grain.

Scottish whisky distillery in speyside: photo Roy Olav Hovlid


Fjell Technology Group has patented several process designs that can achieve up to 40% energy saving compared to conventional meat rendering plants.

As always the Fjell Turbo disc dryer with its patented unique design is the corner stone of all Fjell meat rendering plants. The Fjell Turbo disc dryer has not experienced steam leakages since it first was introduced more than two decades ago.

Energy saving digestate drying solutions

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Through Design Thinking - FTG make the best effort in drying residuals in order to keep the most of the nutrition intact. In some cases we use vacuum to lower temperature in the process, mantaining protein or nitrogen and other valuable substances for further use.