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Value adding solutions for rest raw materials


In our vocabulary the value circle is your company's potential to reuse products, rather than scrapping them and then extracting new resources. The term derives from the established term, circular economy.

Fjell Technology Group develop and provide technology to make your company's rest raw material reusable.

Technology that makes impact on circular economy

Fjell Technology Group Fjell has anchored in its strategy to be an important contributor in the circular economy within residual waste.

Today Fjell is one of the leading suppliers of technology towards processing equipment for recycling of rest raw materials. Deploying such technology for making use of all parts of the fish means that fish processing plants significantly reduce their levels of waste as well as providing the best solutions for the "second value chain".

In addition to working with the fish processing industry, Fjell Technology also delivers technology to recycle sludge from aquaculture and municipal waste plants. For MWWT plants FTG delivers solutions for both full- and part drying. Full dried sludge is used as additives in fertiliser products while partially dried sludge is used as fuel in incineration plants.

Technology for value circle - circular economy

Our focus areas

Fjell Technology Group has four main business areas in addition to the R&D activities in numerous new industries

  • Fishmeal & fish oil processing plants. Production of high-quality fishmeal and oil.

  • FRS wastewater treatment systems for aquaculture and fish processing plants.

  • Municipal sludge drying systems. Transforming sludge to clean water and dried fertilizer ingredients.

  • Biogas digestate drying systems. Transforming organic waste into digestate, creating Biogas in the process.

  • Dewatering and drying of other rest raw materials.

Behind every solution lies precision work from our engineers with the aim of delivering the very best solutions in terms of design, performance, product quality and energy consumption.

Our chief design officer working on a new project.

Fishmeal & fish oil processing plants

With our processing plants and process equipment for production of fishmeal and fish oil; bycatch, small pelagic species, and off-cuts from slaughterhouses and processing plants can be turned into high-quality fishmeal and fish oil, products that are very well paid and in high demand in the market.

By using world-class equipment in each process step, an optimal design of the process plant, and by optimizing the reuse of energy between different process steps, we achieve significant savings both in terms of operating costs and burden on the environment.

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Fish residues used for producing fish meal and fish oil

FRS wastewater treatment systems

Fjell supplies complete solutions for wastewater from aquaculture where we capture organic material in wastewater with a concentration < 0.5% DM (500 mg/l) and through various process steps thicken, dewater, and dry the organic material to a storage-stable and hygienic state. Making this resource available for new value chains.

With our customers we increase resource efficiency by exploiting the nutrition of the separated dry matter in new value chains.

In addition, the environmental benefits from:

  • Reduced emissions in the wastewater to a minimum.
  • Reduced CO2 emission in sludge transport with local de-watering. Reduce the transported volume by 70%-90%.
  • Reduced energy consumption with Fjell energy saving technology.

Our solutions

Norwegian RAS salmon smolt farm

Municipal sludge drying systems

At municipal wastewater treatment facilities, we use the leading disc drying technology on the market, the Fjell Turbo Disc. At larger sludge drying plants, we can use different drying technologies in combination with reuse of steam between drying operations, thus achieving advantages in terms of Opex and positive environmental effects.

We offer solutions for both full drying of sludge and part drying/scalping. Our process then leads to reuse of sludge to either as an additive in fertiliser products or as an energy source in incinerations plants making electricity.

Our solutions

Revision of P&ID by Fjell engineer

Biogas digestate drying systems

At facilities for drying of biogas digestate, we use the leading disc drying technology in the market, the Fjell Turbo Disc Dyer.

At larger sludge drying plants, we can use different drying technologies in combination with reuse of steam between drying operations, thus achieving advantages in terms of Opex and positive environmental effects.

Partially dried sludge is used as fuel in incinerations plants. The residue of one industry is transformed into energy that can fuel another value chain.

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Optimal project design is crucial for Fjell Technology Group

Dewatering and drying of other rest raw materials

Fjell have through different dewatering and drying technologies, experience, and competence to energy efficient dewater and dry more or less any type of rest raw material. This is how we turn the tail of one value chain into the start of a new value chain, which is good for both the customer and our shared planet with its limited resources.

In collaboration with leading global entities in various industries, our research and devolpment department investigate the possibilities to make new products from dried sludge or bio masses.

At our test centre we perform tests on new biomasses provided by possible clients, or on biomasses for which our bioengineers have identified good potential.

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Black soldier fly larvae  - Hermetia illucens

R&D activities & plant optimizations

Through Fjell's own equipment and collaboration with strategic partners, Fjell Technology Group has access to world class technology, where the installation of a single process step alone can significantly increase profitability & energy consumption, product quality, and give positive environmental effects.

Fjell invests heavily in R&D with goal of developing state of the art CO2-capture technology. This ongoing R&D investment complements our portfolio of solutions and technology related to the processing of residual raw materials. Our commitment to CO2-capture technology also gives substance to our ambition that Fjell shall make an important contribution to improving the health of our shared planet, Earth.

Circular economy is not only about reusing waste. Equally important is that the product has a good quality and a resulting good demand in the market. Therefore Fjell also invest in developing new value chains for rest raw materials, like sludge from aquaculture and fish processing plants.

A collaboration with Fjell Technology Group ensures that you maximize the profit potential and minimize the environmental impact!

Fjell R&D CO2 capture technology

Do not waste the profit opportunities of your waste!

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