Sustainability in Fjell Technology Group

"We shall ensure sustainability throughout our value chain, and by this enhance the sustainability in all industries where we are part of the value chain"

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals serves as guidline for our sustainability practise. They are divided into social, economic and environmental goals.

Fjell Technology Group humbly believe to have products and technology that can contribute to reach the environmentally sustainable development goals. In recognition that activities within one area will affect the other areas, Fjell Technology Group will also monitor an optimise its contribution in the social and economic area.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment

  • Raw material efficiency

    Using Fjell Technology Group's leading technology for processing small pelagic fish species, fish cut-offs and fish trimmings, new raw material such as high-quality fish meal and fish oil is produced. Similar cleaning the wastewater from fish farms and generating dried fish sludge. The sludge can be used in new value chains like in production of fertilizers, nutrient extraction, or in the future for insect feed production. This is what we call The Value Circle.

    Fjell are also developing a new value chain for dried fish sludge. If we succeed in bringing this solution to commercialization, it will make fish sludge from wastewater become a valuable and profitable resource.

    Fjell Technology Group frequently do research and tests on other raw materials at our test centre. We are certain that our technology can be used on a broad range of rest raw material in different industries to create new Value circles.

  • Clean water

    Fjell is a leading supplier of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) to aquaculture, and fish slaughterhouses & processing plants. These WWTP plants secure that clean water is returned from the plant operations to the water recipient. By cleaning the wastewater more industrial production around an in the water recipient can be allowed, and the risk of anoxic respient conditions and algae blooms are minimized. A healthy sea and sea life is vital from both an environmental perspective and for the industry itself. Also, Fjell's solutions for Fishmeal and fish oil, Municipal WWTP, Biogas digestate. and other rest raw materials we include technology that cleans reject water and removes smell from waste air.

    Returning clean water to the environment is not only ticking the UN's environmental sustainability goals but also social sustainability goals. This is particularly relevant when our solutions are provided to developing countries where this constitutes an upgrade of critical infrastructure and improvement of health of the workers and citizens.

  • Energy saving

    The current energy crisis is a warning what happens if we do not act on the matter in multiple ways. Energy saving is not just about making energy-efficient process equipment. It is just as important that Fjell Technology Group has leading expertise related to how to reuse waste-energy from one process step to another process step, lowering the energy consumption of the whole process plant. The high quality and unique patented design of core Fjell quipment secures long durabilty of the equipment. This apect reduces energy consumption related to production of new equipment as replacements of worn out equipment.

    Our knowledge and extensive experience from the process industry has resulted in several patents related to energy saving. These innovations offer the prospect of being able to reduce energy consumption for our Sludge drying systems and Fishmeal & fish oil plants by up to 40% compared to plants in the industry today.

    Fjell Technology Group has a recurring focus on improving all its products' and delivered processing plants energy efficiency.

Climate crisis and CO2-capture

The globe is getting warmer year by year. The future existence of both animals and humans are threatened by man-made global warming.

Fjell Technology Group's continued contribution to solving this enormous challenge is to develop new and revolutionary technologies for capturing CO2 from industrial smoke emissions.

Fjell has recently sold one CO2-capture technology to a global company. This technology is getting close to commersialization and will make a solid contribution to lower world emissions of CO2 when it enters the market.

Today we are in the TRL4 phase of developing the next CO2 capture technology together with our research partners SINTEF and NTNU.

Going forward to a more sustainable society

To create new secondary value chains and reduce pollutive emissions have been in the core of Fjell Technology Group's strategy for many years.

An increased awareness in society and new regulations from authorities will reward businesses that do their utmost to minimize their environmental footprint. We believe that we have the knowledge and technology to help our customers become the most sustainable companies in their business, with regards to emissions, energy consumption, and raw material efficiency.

To document our claims we shall make climate accounts for each project starting in 2023. After having established the current status we shall set our goals for improvement.

We have also started the process of extending our ISO sertification to include ISO 14001.