Fjell Technology Group MBCL CO2-capture pilot plant

Fjell Technology Group (FTG) has over many years invested in the development of new and improved technology for capturing CO2 from industrial smoke emissions. 

Lower section of the MBCL CO2-capture pilot plantUpper section of the MBCL CO2-capture pilot plantMeeting discussions at Fjell Technology Group headquarters.

Fjell Technology Group's MBCL CO2-capture technology project is making good progress. Technology for the value circle that will make the world a bit more sustainable.

In 2021, Fjell Technology Group sold a promising CO2-capture technology to a large international company, where FTG still contributes in an advisory role driving research and development. 

The MBCL-project is making good progress and we believe that this technology in the near future can make significant contributions to reduce CO2-emissions from global industry. Recently we were granted substational funding from Climit for further development of the CO2-capture technology project, MBCL. 

In addition MBCL technology can also be a part in Hydrogen production. 

For Fjell Technology Group (FTG), it is a matter of the heart that our activity, our solutions and our technology should contribute to making the world a better place to live for people, animals and plants. We deliver TECHNOLOGY FOR VALUE CIRCLE.