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There is no waste, only rest-raw material!

Fjell has a core competence within process design and process optimizations.

Fjell Technology Group supplies technology that will contribute to better utilization of residual raw materials and energy. We contribute to increased sustainability in all parts of our value chain

Recently, Fjell has patented two process optimizations that can reduce the energy consumption of fishmeal & fish oil plants and sludge drying plants by up to 40%.

Our team of skillful engineers will help you whether you are searching for single equipment or are requesting a complete functional plant processing your rest-raw material to useful products.

Fjell Technology Group employees discussing sludge drying plant design.

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Municipal sludge drying systems

Drying of sludge from Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants - converting sludge into a valuable resource. Biosludge and Municipal wastewater treatment sludge are known to be extremely tricky to dry because of their tendency to transform to a glue phase.

Municipal WasteWater sludge is generally an extremely tough application with severe wear and tear on the drying equipment, but the Fjell Turbo Disc Dryer has proven to resist these extreme conditions since the first unit was installed in 2001.

Municipal wastewater treatment plant

Biogas Digestate Drying Systems

Fjell Technology Group's state of the art sludge dryer systems are the perfect solution to stabilize and bring value the bio gas digestate.

Our solutions are based on the unique Turbo Disc dryer technology combined with patented solutions for maximum energy savings. 

Biogas plant. Digestate from process needs dewatering and drying.

FRS Wastewater Treatment Systems

Fjell Technology Group has various high-quality wastewater treatment solutions adapted to the customer's needs with regard to:

  • Budget: Capex & Opex
  • Capacity requirements
  • Energy consumption
  • Environmental profile
  • Footprint
  • Capture rate

The Fjell FRS High Capacity system wastewater trea tment solution offers a budget friendly system with high wastewater treatment capacity and high capture rate.

The Fjell FRS High Capture system wastewater treatment system offers a solution with the highest capture rate of both suspended and dissolved components of the wastewater.

Norwegian RAS salmon smolt farm.

Fjell Process Equipment

Fjell manufacture and sell unique high performance process equipment which includes Turbo Disc Dryers, Evaporators, Screw Cookers, Pre-Cookers, Scrubbers, Coolers, Meal mills, and BigBag-systems.

Fjell also offer complete plants together with collaboration partners which could include process equipment like: Grinders, Band Thickeners, Band filters, Hammer Mill Dryer (TMD), Decanters, Screw Presses, Twin Screw Presses, Separators, Oil Polishers, Strainer Conveyors & Strainers.

Fjell has a core strength in innovative process plant design. We combine world class process equipment with patented solutions for energy saving and control philosophy for highest performance & product quality.

Fjell Turbo disc dryer for sludge and other rest raw materials.

Fjell Technology Group collaborates with leading research environments and preferred partners

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