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Fjell Technology Group recycles sludge from aquaculture facilities and municipal wastewater plants. The sludge is used as an additive in fertiliser or other agricultural products.

Fjell Technology Group has a unique combination of long experience and high competence, and is a leader in research and development in the industry. We can supply in equipment the full range from small setfish plants, to post smolt plants, land-based food fish plants and semi-closed and closed plants in the sea.

The TMD Fishsludge Recovery System (FRS) can dry sludge from 0.1 per cent Dry Matter (DM) and up to 99 per cent DM.

We use award-winning technology without chemical polymer for the purification stage of waste water from drum filter and possibly biofilter (electrocoagulation) and wastewater sludge from the purification stage with tested and reliable technology from partners.

Fish sludge is very demanding to dry but the TMD mill is specially adapted to this demanding fat rich and fiberless material. Particularly the glue phase can be a problem, however the patented TMD mill is robust and resistant. System is also not sensitive to plant load (altered biomass), or changes in composition.

The dried sludge is repurposed as an additive for producing fertilizer, or in other agricultural products that rely on nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Fjell's technology contributes to a circular economy by recycling heavy metals and nutrients from sludge and wastewater.

The solution helps fish farmers and municipal waste plants minimize the need for waste management and transport, which cuts both costs and emissions from production and treatment processes.

The plant requires minimal maintenance and supervision and delivers stable hygienized and stabilized sludge.

TMD is offered with Thermtech (technology owner) and partner - electro flocculation is offered with Power & Water as partner.