Alltech Conference

January 2023 - Bergen

Alltech - Lunch and Learn

Fjell Technology Group at this years “lunch and learn” conference in Bergen, hosted by Alltech. 

Alltech’s mission is to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through nutrition and scientific innovation. 

Fjell Technology Group exhibiting at the Alltech conferencePresident and CEO of Alltech, Dr. Mark Lyons welcomes the participants of the conference.Veterinarian specializing in aquaculture, Solveig Nygård.

Alltech Lunch & Learn conference 2023

The conference Lunch & Learn 2023 was held in the city center of Bergen with with good participation. 

The conference gave Fjell Technology Group an opportunity to meet many familiar faces, as well as to get to know potential new customers and collaboration partners. The conference itself also had many interesting academic presentations during the day. We look forward to participating again next year. Next year Fjell Technology Group will not only be an exhibitor, but also a speaker.